Do you know the problems with faulty interfaces?

Are there various applications or systems in use in your company, and are you having a hard time transferring and processing the data from one application program to another? A poor integration of the various applications brings considerable time and financial overhead. The bad interaction of the software prevents you from getting the most out of your information system.

Please feel free to contact me for these questions. I help you with the conception and realization of new interfaces. Of course, I also like to adapt existing interfaces to other systems!

I have the necessary technical and organizational knowledge to adapt interfaces in the following areas:

  • Business Application Programming Interface (BAPIĀ®)
  • ALE Messaging
  • IDOC / EDI interfaces
  • Webshop connection
  • RFC interfaces
  • SAPOffice
  • NAST Messaging
  • Spool output management
  • Individual interfaces

Would you like to describe your problem? I’m happy to help!

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